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आइतबार, पौष १९, २०७७

Minister for Forest and Environment Prem Bahadur Ale has said the construction of road from Sahajpur of Kailali to Bagchheda of Doti will resume soon. Earlier, the construction was halted after the Forest Ministry did not allow the cutting down of trees along the track. Talking to the National News Agency (RSS), Minister Ale said, “I knew that the development work was halted for not getting permission to clear the forest along the route.

Now, I’ll forward this issue to the Cabinet, thereby taking permission for resumption of road construction.” The road left in limbo for three decades however was in government’s priority in the recent time. Still, it was waiting permission for the clearance of the forest. In this regard, Karan Bahadur Chhedal from Chure Rural Municipality said in the beginning, the work was intensified, but hindrance on tree felling and Covid-19 menace badly slowed the construction. The contracting company had begun the work for the 50-km roadway with the aim of completion it in 30 months. The locals here have expressed worry over the delayed work. Kumar Shrestha was granted contract to blacktop the road at the cost of Rs 2.o5 billion.

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