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शनिबार, पौष १८, २०७७

Saptari – CPN (Oli faction) leader and Home Minister Ram Bahadur Thapa has said that the division has come due to greed for position and power. He said the party was divided over who would be the next prime minister and president.

Speaking at a function organized by the Kathmandu Committee of CPN (Maoist) Chairman KP Sharma Oli’s party on Saturday, Thapa said, “The communist movement has been divided due to greed for power and power. The last division came because of the prime minister, the president, the president, the minister, the ambassador. This is not a division from any political ideological debate.Stating that a faction had split from the party, Thapa accused the same faction of dissolving the parliament. Thapa said that the parliament was dissolved by taking ‘bold steps’ after Pushpa Kamal Dahal and Madhav Kumar Nepal’s side tried to remove Chairman Oli from the post of Prime Minister. “They set up an artificial charge sheet to oust the prime minister of their own party. Since the chairman and the prime minister are also human beings, mistakes can be made. He made the chairman not as a comrade but as a criminal. The parliament has been dissolved after the head of state, the leader of the parliamentary party, was found guilty and the prime minister was removed from office, ‘Thapa said. Two-thirds of the CPN was as a mechanism for stability. It has become a mechanism of instability and has been dissolved after trying to displace its own leadership.Thapa said the move to dissolve the PM’s parliament was a bold move to prevent regression after the Supreme Court ruled whether it was constitutional or unconstitutional. “Whether it is constitutional or unconstitutional, the court will decide, but this is a big political and bold step. We are confident that the court will rule in favor of this move, ”he said.Thapa said that he would go to the people with the agenda of federalism, republic and nationality along with development in the upcoming election. He was of the view that the people should give a stable government and unite the divided communists. Thapa said that the current parliament was dissolved due to its inability to provide stability.

Thapa also said that dissolving the parliament was the right roadmap for the party leadership. The Oli government had dissolved the House of Representatives on January 19. After that, the CPN (Maoist) has split. It is yet to get legal recognition. Both sides have been claiming to be the real CPN (Maoist).

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